Quotes to Inspire Your Silent Meditation Practice

Quotes to Inspire Your Silent Meditation Practice

John Butler on Purpose

“To begin with, our purpose is really “what I want”, it’s an individual thing. But later on in the process, the ego gets less. and you begin to think more universally. And even beyond that, there is a yet deeper urge: when it’s not really for any purpose at all.”

Eckhart Tolle on Life and Death

“When you go deep enough to the formless, the dreadful is no longer dreadful, it’s sacred. Then you will experience the two levels. When somebody dies who is close to you, yes it’s dreadful on the level of form. It’s sacred on the deeper level. Death can enable you to find that dimension in yourself. You’re helping countless other humans if you find that dimension in yourself – the sacred dimension of life – where life is indestructible.”

John Butler on The Language of Silence

“Silence is infinite inclusiveness.”

Sadhguru on Being Boundless

“If something has no boundaries and no parameters, you cannot talk about it. The whole work is about clearing the mess you have created, not about establishing Truth. There is no need to establish Truth. It is in the lap of Truth that all of us exist….Do not be concerned about your thoughts…do not try to stop them. Let them happen like the activity of your kidneys is happening. Not everything in your kidneys is clean. Not everything in your brain is clean either – what is your problem?”

Norman Fischer on Compassion

“When we let go into the life of another person, into the life of meeting in the moment…and really really care for them… just really care…then we really have our true life, and our life is bigger and happier and more joyful. That’s the paradox of compassion…We are conditioned to think we have to protect ourselves from suffering, we have to make it go away somehow, but when we let go of that smallness and allow ourselves to care, even in the case of the suffering of another, we have joy.”

Pema Chodron on the Uncomfortable

“To the degree that you can stay present with “uncomfortable”, and touch it with kindness, then you go through it into the openness and freshness and infinite quality of our minds and hearts.”

David Rynick on Basic Friendliness

“Play around with the idea of meeting your life with this ‘basic friendliness’. Maybe take ten minutes to sit still and just allow yourself to be as you are—being present to whatever thoughts, sensations and feelings are present—without having to evaluate or change anything. Let yourself be as you are. You don’t have to like what is arising or feel good about it—but you can just let it be.”

Br. Phap Huu, Disciple of Thich Nhat Hahn, on Stillness

“Whatever situation he is put in (my teacher, Thich Nhat Hanh), he’s able to fall back on that foundation and take refuge in that foundation of calmness and stillness: that “everything is going to be okay”…the outcome of panic is not the best offering …But if we can rely on the foundation of stillness and peace and calm, then the solution that we can arrive at can be much clearer.”

Ajahn Chah on the Trained Mind

“The untrained mind is stupid! Sense impressions come and trick it into happiness, suffering, gladness and sorrow, but the mind’s true nature is none of those things… really this mind of ours is already unmoving and peaceful…”

Jeff Foster on True Peace

“True peace is not the opposite of chaos, it’s not the opposite of noise, it’s that which embraces the chaos, it embraces the noise, like the sky embracing even the storm…that’s presence. Deep peace is already here. What you are is already at peace with what is happening, just like the ocean that does not need to get rid of its waves to be at peace. This is a peace and silence that is not opposed to anything for it embraces everything. It IS everything! Everything is an invitation to discover who you really are in THIS moment.”


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