Your Radiant Message: One-Day Intensive


Date: Sunday, November 26

Time: 10:00am–5:00pm

Join Julie Blue on an enlivening journey of discovery and exploration to claim ownership of your unique voice. Your voice is your instrument of influence; a key that opens the gateways of authenticity, presence and power. It contains the signature vibrations of who you are, and plays a huge role in determining how people respond to you.

If you’re an entrepreneur, speaker, leader or visionary with passion and purpose, this transformational day is designed to help you embody and express this passion through your voice.

You'll learn Julie's '7 Keys to a Radiant Presence’ which will provide you with tangible tools and practices so you can deliver your radiant message with authenticity and heart.

Julie is a consummate musician, speaker/facilitator and soul whisperer who shares her teachings with heart and humour.

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