The Wisdom Workshop with Stephanie Banks: Re-Align with Your Authentic Self

Join award-winning author Stephanie Banks for a 4-hour interactive workshop designed specifically to awaken your divinity within.

Stephanie will begin by candidly sharing how a mountain biking accident in 2012 that nearly took her life, catapulted her into a heightened state of awareness. During her recovery she quickly realized that she was no longer the person she thought she was. As she sat on her deck she realized that she returned with a unfailing connection to the non physical realm.

The Wisdom Workshop has been designed around an acronym that was delivered to Stephanie through a channeled message from her guides on the other side. The acronym brings forth the recognition of our sacredness as humans experiencing life in this time and space and the importance of living life to the fullest!

Date: 12/13/15

Time: 1-5pm

Venue: Bridge and Enrich

(Fraser and 20th)

718 East 20th Avenue

Vancouver, B.C.

V5V 1N3

Admission: $40.00

How do we break free of limiting belief systems that are holding us back from allowing this to happen? Are you a hostage to your inner fears that dictate your current reality? Are you ready to transform your life to that of an empowered soul who has full control over every aspect of your life? Are you allowing your intuition to guide you along your journey? Are you manifesting the synchronicities that will allow your life to flow seamlessly and effortlessly? Are you aware of your divinity? Do you treat yourself as the sacred being that you are? Are you ready to meet one of your spirit guides through a powerful guided meditation?

Join Stephanie for a transformational afternoon, meet new friends and infuse your soul with sustainable tools that will continue to influence how you live your life!

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