Trauma, Transformation and Integration

Join us at this transformative course led by Sat Dharam Kaur, ND and Gurucharan Singh Khalsa, PhD. Six days of profound transformation and empowerment.

Trauma, transformation and integration is suitable for individuals healing from trauma as well as therapists and health professionals who are interested in offering yoga and meditation practices to support their clients. After completing the program, Kundalini Yoga instructors will find this a valuable resource to teach as a series to students.

Gurucharan Khalsa PhD, and Sat Dharam Kaur ND have counselled, healed and mentored individuals to a life well lived and a sense of self that is clear, creative and fulfilled. They each have over four decades of experience in meditation and in nurturing the unique self in each person. They work together seamlessly with joy, humour and heart.

Dates: April 29–May 4th, 2019

Time: 9:00am–5:00pm

Investment: $1150 CDN + tax if registering before February 1st, 2019 ($1250 CDN + tax if registering after Feb. 1sy, 2019)

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Accommodation: You are responsible for your own accommodation and meals

Transportation: Fly to Vancouver International Airport

Has your life been affected by trauma? Does the past interfere with your enjoyment of possibilities in the present?

The experience of a traumatic event can result in a harsh sentence – the past replays itself, constantly hijacking one’s capacity to inhabit the present moment.

The first stage in healing trauma requires regaining a sense of safety in one’s body, relationships and environment, and reconnecting to the true self. An important part of this stage is to learn how to regulate our emotions and manage triggers and symptoms that are upsetting or make us feel unsafe. One of the most accessible and effective ways to discover safety and stability in one’s body and to manage emotions and triggers is through the practice of breathing exercises, meditation and kundalini yoga.

The second stage in healing trauma involves actively working through the anger, fear and grief about unwanted or abusive experiences, and the negative effects these have had on one’s life. We may also benefit by expressing anger or grief around conditions that were lacking, or missed opportunities. Kundalini yoga can be effective in helping to release the negative emotional charge related to an event, by processing and releasing feelings in the body using repetitive movement, often combined with mantra. Through yoga practice we discover blissful states that carry us` home to our true self.

The third stage in healing trauma is to connect with others in meaningful relationship, and exercise choices that utilize our strengths and expand what’s possible for us. We align with our values, access our intuition, and learn to trust our spirit. We set intentions that fuel our joy and commit to fulfilling them. We embrace and accept all parts of ourselves, with spirit as our primary identity. We live with gratitude, faith and courage, in flow with what wants to be. We relax, while remaining grounded and alert to the invitation in each moment. We find our path through calm and conflict equally.

Using breathing exercises, meditation, group process, journalling, compassionate inquiry, and kundalini yoga you will gain insight, new perspectives and the ability to:

* create safety within the body

* welcome and dwell in the present moment

* reclaim your original self

* identify, accept and express buried emotions

* become conscious of outdated coping mechanisms

* turn the gaze of compassion inward

* recognize and transform unconscious beliefs

* manage triggers using breathing practices and self-inquiry

* accept help and support

* establish protective boundaries

* exercise choice in your responses to people and events

* lead from a stance of self-empowerment

* cultivate resilience in your nervous system

* align with your values and purpose

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