Compassion in Daily Life-Sanctifying the Mundane

Compassion in Daily Life 1.

Please join us for a talk by Rev. Aurelian on the subject: "Compassion in Daily Life: Sanctifying the Mundane"

In this talk, he will explore the potential for awakening to the enlightened mind within the everyday experiences of life. If we can learn to "look with the eyes of Buddha" we can see that Great Compassion flows eternally through all thoughts and things, and the "ordinary" becomes extraordinary."

Why does Zen say: Everyday life is the Way?

How can we use the ordinary events of daily life to see the immaculacy of each moment?

How does this help the suffering of the world?

Who is Kwan Yin?

Date & Time: Saturday, April 9th, 2:00–5:00pm

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Tea/Chai with fresh fruit and sweet offerings will follow during a question and answer period after the talk.

Rev. Aurelian lives at Lions Gate Buddhist Priory near Lytton B.C. and is a disciple of Rev. Kōten Benson of Shasta Abbey, now living in Lytton.

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