The Healing Voice: Throat Singing and Vocal Harmonics with Matthew Kocel

The human voice is the ultimate tool for transformation through sound.

In this one-day seminar, Matthew will reveal the secrets of how to create multiple harmonics at one time with your voice – for healing, enhanced dimensional awareness, meditation and connection to spirit.

More than a workshop, this is an initiation into the field of sacred sound.

Through sonic transmission and simple, fun exercises that you can practice at home, you will not only learn to make amazing sounds but experience vibrational attunement with your surroundings.

Based on past experiences, SOME people will even be able to create the Tibetan/Tuvan deep harmonic sound by the end of the day!

A new realm of experience through sound and frequency awaits you.

Please note: Class size is strictly limited and prepaid registration is required to attend.

Saturday, April 11th 10:30am–5:00pm

Tickets: $90. Available online at

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