Sound Immersion

Date: Saturday, February 29th

Time: 3:00pm–4:00pm

~With Faye Mallett~

Join for a deeply immersive and meditative experience of sound. This session marks the first of an ongoing, monthly sound immersion event series hosted at Bridge & Enrich! More dates to be added soon.

In a sound immersion, you hear and feel a symphony of tones from singing bowls, tuning forks, bells and other overtone emitting instruments. The experience is also often called a sound bath because it literally feels like you are being bathed in sound.

It is a deep, somatic listening experience that offers people a gentle way to connect to their bodies and de-stress!

At this event, you will hear the tones generated from a set of crystal singing bowls thoughtfully selected for their high quality and tonal resonance. The sounds created by these instruments are incredibly powerful and their effect is calming for both body and mind.

“Faye’s music is deeply relaxing and beautiful. She creates soundscapes that transport the listener to a more sublime state of being. Truly exquisite.”
— Maia, Yoga Teacher

“I’ve been very lucky to attend a few of Faye’s sound baths and I loved them. Not that I’m a professional sound bather or anything (not sure there is such a thing), but I thought she had the magic of sound wave delivery.”
— Jenn, Artist

“You just lie there and 55 minutes later leave feeling totally relaxed. Seriously, just try it!"
— Colette, Filmmaker

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