Sound Healing Fundraiser with Matthew Kocel

Matthew Kocel Fundraiser Poster

Visit BE on the evening of Saturday, February 21st and participate in a sound healing event with Matthew Kocel.

Registration info:

Imagine floating in an ocean of sacred sound... vibration so profound it seems to take on qualities of form, texture and color! Join us for an evening of mystical sounds of throat singing, ancient healing mantras and gentle music to soothe your soul.

Matthew Kocel is an internationally renowned throat singer, healer and a musical sound visionary driven by a mission to inspire unity through the universal language of music and sacred sound.

The harmonic overtones of his voice – two, three, or more notes at the same time – vibrate the core of your being with extraordinary sensations, awakening a deep spiritual presence beyond words and offering a profound opportunity to experience stillness and healing.

Speaking of healing… all proceeds from this fundraiser will be donated to Andréa Dykstra to help support her on her path of healing from Lyme disease.

Suggested donation via pre-registration or at door: $25.

7:00–7:20pm – Andréa will share with us her powerful story and unique wisdom

7:20–9:00pm – Sound Healing

9:00–9:30pm – An opportunity to connect

Join Matthew Kocel and the Conscious Living Network for this evening of love made visible. Kids welcome!

Please pre-register so we have an idea of numbers attending. Thanks!

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