Shakuhachi Bamboo Flute Sacred Sound Meditation Evening

Alcvin Flute Meditation

Shakuhachi Bamboo Flute Sacred Sound/Meditation Evening

Date: Friday, April 14th

Time: 7:30pm–9:30pm (doors at 7:00pm)

Shakuhachi bamboo flute master Alcvin Ryūzen Ramos will infuse the evening with guided silent meditation and sacred solo bamboo zen flute atmospheres. Later in the evening, Alcvin will be joined by his friends Andrew Kim and Little Woo, inspiring musical illuminaries of the Vancouver conscious community, and they will take you on a journey into sonic mystery and enchanted harmonic convergences.

All students of shakuhachi are encouraged to come and join Alcvin for RO blowing at the end of the night.

More information available on Alcvin's website:

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