Sangha in the City

Date: Sunday, April 14th

Time: 11:00am–11:00pm

Beloved Souls from all walks of life...

Weaving the elements of dynamic community we launch into spring with a sacred day of body-mind practices, uplifting music, passionate dance, live art and delicious food that nourishes the soul.


Day & Night:

$45 Online/$50 door- Includes dinner (online tickets only)

Night only:

$35 online/$40 door - Includes dinner (online tickets only)

Daytime Drop-in:

$25 available at the door (must pay evening door price if you stay on)

Family Special:

$60 Family of four with children under 12

If monetary payment is difficult, then come volunteer! This event needs 6-10 people to help with all the facets of setup, decor and takedown :-) For inquiries on volunteer positions, please PM Zamir Dhanji directly through the Facebook event page.

Experience Sangha in the City!

🌞 Day Flow:

11:00am: Bowspring Practice with Eau-Vive

12:15pm: Yoga Journey led by Zamir w/ Live Soundscape

—Break for Lunch and Snacks—

2:30pm: Dharma talk and Meditation

4:00pm: Spirit of the Village with Jacky Essombe (kids and youth participation encouraged)

🌙 Evening Flow:

5:00pm: Song Journey & Story Sharing from her Africa trip w/ Julie Blue - bring your voices!

6:00pm: Dinner - Delicious Indian cuisine & hearty salad will be the main courses to warm your hearts and fill your bellies.

7:00pm: Beatbox Duo – Herm1t & Scribbly Doodle

7:15pm: The Art of Improvisation performance by Vi An

7:30pm: Acoustic folk with Thor Loeks

8:00pm: Kirtan/Devotion Experience w/ Sacr3d

9:30pm: DJ Antakharana ~ Deep House Vibes

10:30pm: Yoga Nidra closing


We will be serving hot chai throughout the evening to keep our hearts warm as we dance and play in our ecstatic way!

We invite drop-ins throughout the day to journey with us for this family-friendly event April 14th as we foster a culture of connection rooted in the spirit of Sangha ~ community tied together by the threads of the oneness and practices that awaken us ALL.

“The future buddha may not come in the form of an individual, but in the form of a sangha. A community practicing loving kindness and mindful living. This may be the most important thing we can do for the future of our earth.” ~ Thich Nath Hanh


Family Friendly. Drop Ins Welcome. Reserve early for discount and to ensure entry.

Artists & Facilitators:

SACR3D is a devotional fusion kirtan band, bridging the worlds of Sanskrit Mantras and Bhakti Yoga with Electronic Music, Soul and Hip Hop. Their most recent album is called "Vibrations," with Adham Shaikh and is available on all major music platforms –

THOR LOEKS is a singer-songwriter from the Yukon Territory, Canada. Over the last five years Thor has bicycled and canoed over 15000 km across North America with a guitar on his back. His music style and songs can be described as soulful contemporary indie-folk/rock, influenced and inspired by his thirst for exploring/learning about the world and the potential of the human spirit. He uses his voice, overtone singing, guitar, piano, harmonica, kick drum & foot tambourine. -

VI-AN DIEP – embodies the Art of spontaneous compositions + intuitive improvisations on various Asian long zithers, hardware + software synths, doumbek, tapes, loops, found sounds + voice. She has independently released 18 + solo & compilation albums. Appearing in compilations by other artists, TV spots, radio, composer for theatre + film –

DJ ANTAHKARANA – AntahKarana in sanskrit is the Rainbow Bridge. It means the bridging of the mundane to the spiritual. She bridges healing energies through electronic music as a vehicle to anchor in the physical realm so people can experience a profound shift back to their truth and oneness of their purpose and gifts – with some deep house vibes that will send you into a bassy trance as you dance your heart out –

EAU-VIVE​ (“Mama V”) has been practicing holistic health her entire life. With a background in healing arts, yoga, dance, and movement meditation, she feels more hopeful and empowered than ever, knowing what The Bowspring does for people worldwide. This practice aligns beautifully with her purpose of helping others move from pain into pleasure. She also resonates deeply with the core principles of The Bowspring: mindfulness, compassion, and accountability –

NOEMI KOZIKOWSKI is a visionary painter with over a 15 years experience as a practicing full time artist in Vancouver. She will be sharing live painting for our evening.

JACKY YENGA is the village wisdom messenger. The Spirit of the Village is a state of being and a way of life. It’s a healing journey of joy, rhythm, connection, personal growth and self-exploration. Jacky as devoted her life to fostering this spirit and bring the wisdom of her African roots into our present times -

JULIE BLUE is a musician, composer and founder Radiant Heart Song Circle – a circle of heart-centered women, a place to grow wings of song and focus on our personal healing journeys and evolution. The vehicles of chants, songs and rituals to take you beyond the mind into the heart to embody our voices as instruments -

HERM1T is a worldclass beatboxer who has performed locally and internationally with a unique combination of rhythmic precision, melodic flourishes and charming stage presence.

ZAMIR DHANJI is Vancouver-based yoga teacher dedicated to helping others find, fulfill and integrate their potential – body, mind and spirit. His studies in both hatha yoga and buddhism weave a contemporary expression of ancient knowledge that uplifts, educates and inspires –


Upcoming Classes (Online & In-Person)