The Art of Sacred Geometry with Ari Lazer

Dates: April 8th and 9th

Time: 11:00am–5:30pm

As improbable as it may seem, the world around us is comprised of a handful of elegant and mysteriously simple harmonic relationships – from the orbits of the planets, to the petals of a rose. Sacred Geometry is the study of these harmonic proportions, and how they compose the natural world.

Join artist and educator Ari Lazer for a 2-day exploration of the essential concepts of sacred geometry – what it is, how to draw it, and why it can offer so much value to our emerging world.

Designed as a perfect introduction for people who are new to the subject, or an enrichment for those who already have a decent foundation – in this weekend workshop we'll begin by exploring the many ways shape appears through out the natural world. Discovering, in layman's terms, some of the most exciting scientific revelations of the past 40 years - what they tell us about vibration, the physical world, and how our bodies interpret the information they receive. From there we'll put pen to paper, and explore the world of Sacred Geometry through compass drawing, getting to design and craft our own mandalas to take away with us – as templates for our own contemplative journey.

From the realm of science, we’ll explore the exquisite pattern of the Venus rose, traced between the Earth and Venus every 8 years. The magic of the golden ratio that governs all life, from the smallest bond of DNA up to the background radiation of the universe. The miraculous geometry of the human heart and much more.

While simultaneously, we’ll explore the tradition of sacred number and sacred design that is handed down to us from the perfection of the circle itself – exploring how the same central myths and patterns find their place at the center of many of the world’s wisdom traditions.

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"If only you knew the magnificence of the 3, 6, and 9..." - Nicola Tesla Inspiration begets inspiration. Earlier this month @ambigraph posted a beautiful construction of a 9 fold rosette that drew me into its beauty. In response, I was inspired to explore that form, and pull it apart into two pairs of symmetrical designs... Then set them in motion. I was pretty tickled with the result @ambigraph keep up the beautiful work! And for anyone out in London, Ameet will be offering a course specially on 9 sided constructions in January at @princesartschool. If what he's been showing online is any example, you're in for a treat, and some really beautiful explorations. If I were an ocean closer I'd most certainly be there!

About Ari Lazer

Grateful to be celebrating another full revolution round the sun today. Many thanks to each of you who support my work and joy in the world. Through your friendship, your inspiration, and your own amazing journeys. Very grateful to have gotten to know so many new amazing souls through this platform, and be inspired by your art and lives in turn. Wishing you each an inspired start to the year to come, and new magic in each of your worlds! A photo posted by Ari Lazer (@ari.lazer) on

An interdisciplinary artist, and educator, Ari Lazer has long been compelled by the study of the harmonic proportions of the natural world. He has been teaching the art of sacred geometry through compass and straightedge design since 2009, offering workshops and intensives across the west coast of Canada, the US, and in the UK. He is inspired by the meeting of contemporary science and sacred practice from a diverse range of world traditions. In 2014 he started the Sacred Light Design Co. as a vehicle for creating unique lighting, furniture and art pieces that explore the harmonies of Sacred Geometry in functional design.

As a visual artist and performer, Ari has produced work in conjunction with the Vancouver Art Gallery, the Vancouver International Folk Festival, the BC Buddhist Festival, Beloved Open Air Sacred Music Festival, the Winter Solstice Lantern Festival and a wide range of summer music festivals on the West Coast of North America. In Vancouver, he also served as Artistic Producer for two of Vancouver’s flagship public arts festivals, the Illuminares Lantern Festival (2012) and the Parade of Lost Souls Festival (2010–2012).

For more on Ari’s artwork, and teaching, visit or find his portfolio at

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