Sacred Dance – Bharat Natyam

Date: Saturday, December 15th

Time: 3:00pm–5:00pm

Investment: Donations to Express Gratitude to our Teacher.

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Experience the Bliss of Bharat Natyam – Yoga through Sacred Temple Dance

Learn the Sacred Temple Dance of Bliss and Devotion with Anusha Fernando.

Bharata Natyam Indian Classical dance is one of the most ancient forms of sacred dance and a highly evolved spiritual practice. It is an art which consecrates the body, the dancer, who dissolves their identity in rhythm and music, makes their body an instrument, at least for the duration of the dance, for the experience and expression of enlightenment - Oneness of Kundalini Shakti, with Existence.

A Bharata Natyam recital is an artistic yoga for revealing the spiritual through the corporeal. The traditional repertoire focuses on spiritual themes such as the experience of suffering, potential for Liberation, and Enlightenment itself.

Anusha Fernando, founder and director of Shakti Dance, will guide us through Karanas, movement phrases describing specific leg, hip, body, and arm movements accompanied by hasta mudras described in the Natya shastra and other scriptures.

Join us in a blissful journey with this cherished dance form of India, characterized by humility, discipline, grace, bliss and rigorous technique.

"We bow down to Shiva, whose limbs are the universe, whose speech is all language, whose ornaments are the moon, stars and sun."
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