Radiant Message One-Day Intensive with Julie Blue

Radiant Message One-Day Intensive with Julie Blue

Liberate Your Voice

Express Yourself with Authenticity and Presence

Date: Sunday, February 25th

Time: 10:00am–5:00pm

Investment: $185 + tax

This unique training is for leaders, speakers and entrepreneurs - anyone who wants to step up and be heard. Your voice is your instrument of influence; a key that opens the gateways of authenticity, presence and power.

Join Julie Blue on an enlivening journey of discovering, exploring and claiming ownership of your unique voice. To master anything takes practice, patience, support and enthusiasm. She will guide you each step of the way with professionalism, respect and humour.

Are you ready to evolve into your next level of confidence, contribution and visibility?

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Everything you carry is expressed or repressed in your voice. Your voice contains the signature vibrations of who you are, and for your listeners it plays a big role in determining if they trust you, and believe you. This in turn influences how they will respond to your message, your product and to you.

When you change your voice you change your life.

Julie Blue’s 7 Keys to a Radiant Presence will help you step into your true voice with confidence and visibility.

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