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Song Circle

Radiant Heart Song Circle with Julie Blue

Are you longing for a deeper connection with your heart and the powerful vibrational energy shift that happens when you free your voice?

Radiant Heart Song Circle is a group of heart-centered women, a place to grow ‘wings of song’ and focus on our personal healing journeys and evolution. Our vehicles are chants, songs and rituals to take us beyond the mind into the heart, the space of meditation and our authentic selves, to embody our voices as instruments.to embody our voices as instruments.

Come raise your voice with a group of heart-centered women for seven weekly soul-singing sessions in a supportive circle of sweet sound. No auditions required. If you have a longing to sing and a desire to connect, then you belong.

You receive:

• Julie Blue’s ‘Authentic Voice Technique’ training and videos so you can express yourself with confidence.

• Chants from the Sanskrit, Hebrew, First Nations, Arabic, African and Tibetan traditions so you can discover the magic of timeless, heart opening chants from all over the world. By singing in the spirit of many traditions, we help bring healing to cultural divisions and find the joy in singing together that is inherent in other cultures.

• Original chants and songs from Julie designed to clear, heal and awaken you to yourself.

• Well known favourite songs that will inspire you to start singing and keep singing.

• Training to hear and sing harmony so that you can harmonize with your friends.

• Movements, warm ups and practices that bring relaxation, peace and integration.

• Weekly rituals and check-ins so you feel safe and connected with the other women in the circle.

• A CD or digital download of all the songs and chants so you can sing each day in your car, your home, or with your friends.

Tuesday and Thursday Circles

Tuesdays: 1:00pm–3:15pm (September 11th until October 30th)

Thursdays: 7:15pm–9:45pm (September 6th until October 25th)

Cost: Drop-ins welcome at $40/session

• This intimate circle will fill up quickly, no drop-ins please.

• No one will be turned away for lack of funds.

Please ask about a payment plan if you need it.

Contact Julie Blue 604 929-3146



Julie Blue is a true gem of a human being. She leads and gathers those who seek guidance on how to best express their voice with ease and grace. She is a natural born teacher and leader, and joyfully gathers groups to feel welcome, inspired and happy. I'm grateful Julie has crossed my path and has showed me the power of sharing voice and song as a means to bridge communities for the well-being of all.

- Dr. Alexina Mehta

In my culture, a master is someone who uses their craft to teach others about life. A master drummer doesn’t simply teach you how to become a good drummer, they teach you how to become a decent human being. They are expected to come from a place of wisdom, not mere technical knowledge which you can acquire pretty much anywhere. I consider Julie Blue to be a true master, in the real sense of the word according to my African tradition. Not everybody can be a master, no matter how technically good they are at their craft. Only a few have the gift.

- Jacky Yenga

Julie Blue is a compassionate, sensitive, skilled facilitator. She takes the significance and perfectionism out of singing and creates a safe space in which participants are free to explore, celebrate and shine. Working with Julie Blue and the loving energy of the supportive group really allowed me to take my self- expression through music to the next level! Julie's approach was gentle, loving and truthful and her insightful coaching incredibly empowering.

- Theda Pheonix

Julie thank you for bringing together this amazing group of singers. You are a goddess of love and healing. Your songs are a constant reminder to me of how I truly want to live my life and I sing them throughout the day. They fill me with inspiration and guide me on my journey of truth and love on this planet.

- Julia Winter

When I heard about Julie's Radiant Heart Song Circle I was immediately intrigued and excited. What if the songs we taught our children and grandchildren had lyrics that were unifying, full of love, peaceful, meaningful, generationless, culturally diverse and just as importantly, simple to learn, sing and teach. Songs we could sing on road trips, around the fire, in sacred circles, to babies, in times of joy and times of sadness and conflict. Like creating a new family anthem that heals and unites. I've never sung in public, been unsure of my voice actually...but when I've sung lullabies and songs to my children I've done so from my heart letting the feelings flow. They never cared what my voice sounded like...it just brought joy to them and me. Joining Julie's Radiant Heart Song Circle will allow me to learn new songs of the heart, which I can sing with confidence and love to my grandchildren one day, as my parents and grandparents sang to me. I look forward to joining this circle.

- Amrita Dhanji.

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