Radiant Voice One-Day Immersion with Julie Blue

Radiant Voice One-Day Immersion with Julie Blue

Date: Sunday, February 23rd

Time: 10:00am–5:00pm

Investment: $185 + tax

In this one-day singing adventure, you will:

~ Anchor in Julie’s ‘Authentic Voice Technique’ to allow you to shift the messages of your ‘inner voice’.

~ Identify the 3 parts of your range and grow your ability to flow between them.

~ Find the sweet spot of your range and how to pick a key to sing in.

~ Experience singing different styles of music and discover your singing persona with professional accompaniment.

~ Explore the terms pitch, phrasing, vibrato, resonance and dynamics.

~ Gain confidence singing into a microphone.

~ Be part of a healing and joy filled day designed for optimum growth, fun, and transformation.

Questions: Contact Julie Blue julieblue@telus.net

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