Pranayama & Kundalini Yoga Workshop with Weila Wu

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Yoga teacher Weila Wu from China, has Studied Modern dance, Music, Chinese Traditional Medicine, Tibetan Tantra in Buddhist temples and Tai Qi practice in Wudang mountain. Weila has been teaching yoga for over 12 years and has kept up her travels and learning traditional yoga in India, with her Yoga Guruji B.N. S . Iyenger of the T. Krishina Macharya Yoga system.. Weila has been taught Kundalini Yoga privately by B.N.S IYENGAR and since 2003, she has been going back to India to Study and practice yoga every year. She also has studied The Book of Change(Yijing) and Tibet Tantra for many years.

In this workshop she will focus on Pranayama and aspects of Traditional Yoga from India, as well as pulling in highlights from her Tai Qi and Dance training.

Kundalini, the divine cosmic force in our bodies, the original Qi, is symbolized as a coiled and sleeping serpent lying dormant at the base of the spinal column, the Muladhara Chakra. Per Vedic teachings, this latent energy when awakened, moves up the spinal column piercing the chakras up to the Sahasrara( the thousand-petalled lotus in the upper head region, and there to unite with the "Super Soul".

When: Thursday, June 11th

Time: 5:30-7pm

Cost: By Donation

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