Osho Vancouver: United in Meditation & Breath Work For Nepal

United in Meditation & Breath Work For Nepal When: May 16th, Saturday

Time: 10am-2pm

After the devastating earthquake in Nepal there is a great need for love, prayers, and donations. Many of us here feel a heartfelt connection to this beautiful country and it's people, and on May 16th we will come together to share in part of the relief effort while also deepening our own self-awareness and healing. From 10am - 2pm we will be offering Osho Dynamic meditation, a short Osho Talk, and a guided group breath work session. Closing with a heart-expanding tantric meditation and sharing.

This day will infuse you with aliveness, deeply getting in touch with yourself through your body and releasing blocks to inner peace and freedom!

All proceeds will be donated to Osho Niranjana Meditation Centre, to go directly to Nepal where people there will receive 100% of funds donated!

About the facilitators: > Rubai & Sumiran have been facilitating Osho meditations for over ten years in and around Vancouver.

Prema is relatively new to Vancouver area, and comes with extensive training as an Osho therapist. She combines 20+ years of experience in medicine, meditation, emotional release work, and body-mind therapies to guide you in your journey to wholeness and clarity about who you really are. Personally and with clients she saw the power of breath as a profound pathway to self-awareness and healing, and trained as a breath therapist in Europe and the U.S. In individual sessions and groups, Prema's focus is on transforming that which no longer serves you and creating healthier, happier, and more passionate lives. For more information please contact:

Rubai or Sumiran's phone: 604-925-3537

Email: oshovancouver@yahoo.ca

Prema's phone: 778-874-4502

email: PremaBreath@gmail.com

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