Mysore-Style Ashtanga Yoga Retreat


Join Geoff Mackenzie and Mysore BC for an all-day retreat, grounded in Ashtanga Yoga techniques propagated by yoga masters K. Pattabhi Jois and T. Krishnamacharya of Mysore, India.

Date: Sunday, December 18th

Time: 9:00am–4:00pm

The day will commence with a Primary Series guided class, followed by a Conference/Q&A Session before breaking for lunch.

After lunch we will workshop asana techniques based on student requests, then practice simple pranayama, leading to quiet sitting and contemplation.

Skill-in-Action will then be explored while we swiftly and effectively care for the Bridge & Enrich space.

We will complete the day with a sharing and sitting circle.

0900-1100: Primary Series Class

1100-1200: Conference / Q & A

1200-1300: Lunch / Refreshment (Please provide your own refreshments.)

1300-1430: Asana Technique & Troubleshooting

1430-1500: Pranayama & Sitting Silently

1500-1530: Karma Yoga / Skill in Action / Selfless Service

1530-1600: Closing Circle

By Donation. Participants are strongly encouraged to attend the whole day. Suggested donation: $45

Upcoming Classes (Online & In-Person)