Lalitha ~ 3 Secrets to Eternal Happiness (Dharma Talks)

Date: Saturday, April 27th

Time: 2:30–4:00pm

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Join contemporary mystic & spiritual teacher Lalitha for a public talk at Bridge & Enrich revealing 3 Secrets to Eternal Happiness.

Lalitha is a teacher in the Western Baul Tradition, which has roots in Vajrayana Buddhism, tantric Shiva-Shaktism and mystical Sufism. Her root teacher is Western Baul Master Lee Lozowick. Lalitha is the head of Kripa Mandir ashram in the BC interior.

She also has extensive training as a master herbalist and healer, and is the author of several respected titles including Waking to Ordinary Life and Cultivating Spiritual Maturity. Lalitha's teachings integrate the full range of experience - from practicalities of everyday life to the ancient inner Yogas.

Read Banyen's interview with Lalitha here:

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