BE Kirtan & Satsang: Zamir and Ramayana

Date: Sunday, April 3rd

Time: 7:00pm

You are invited to the sacred space and community nexus of Bridge and Enrich for an evening of spiritual upliftment, where music, poetry, storytelling and silence are woven into a seamless experience.

We come together in the spirit of the gift, sharing communion with simplicity and grace, humility and love. This is a space where gifts are given and received from the heart, where wisdom traditions from around the world are honoured with reverence.

There is no charge, all offerings are by 'dana' – the treasure of generosity – to uphold the space; everyone can come and participate.

Current artists to offer:

Zamir Dhanji –

Raamayan Ananda –

Others to be added, if you would like to share your sacred songs or poems, please private message either Zamir or Raamayan by visiting their websites (links above).

More information BE Kirtan & Satsang here.

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