Introductory ARKAYA Certificate: Healing Indian Head Massage

Date: Saturday, March 7th

Time: 10:30am to 5:00pm

~With Yogacharini Maitreyi~

Learn a traditional Yogic Indian head massage practice that is meditative, healing & rejuvenating.

A great practice to connect with loved ones and nourish each other through the coming winter.


1) The first one hour and 15 minutes will be a gentle Arkaya Yoga practice. This will enable release and harmonisation of suppressed emotions.

2) Practice of Jyothi Kriya to align with different dimensions and clear unresolved energies. This allows for grounding and completion as well as protection from unhealthy transference.

3) This will be followed by a prayer and partner work in which you will connect in a therapeutic way (non-sexual).

4) Reading of course material.

5) Yoga chikitsa partnered practice to open and realign the back and shoulders. This allows for better flow of prana in the entire system & chakras.

6) Infuse the head, neck and shoulders with oil and love.

**Learn Marma Points (secret points to activate life force)

**Open Higher Chakras to connect to Higher Self & Guides

**Rebalance Pituitary, Pineal & Adrenal Glands

Relieves anxiety & promotes restful sleep. The oleation of the head, neck & shoulders keeps the body, emotions and mind well nourished and purified. The oils ground and lubricate the system.

They enable smooth functioning of the tissues, building bones as well as grounding the body.

**All oils are provided**

**Please bring:

- a towel and a change of clothes that you don't mind getting oil on

- a mason jar for mixing oil & taking home

- healthy, organic, vegetarian snacks to share

- personal lunch to save time


**Please register well in advance as spots will be limited. Space for 12 pairs only**

Facilitated by Yogacharini Maitreyi: A Master Teacher, practical Mystic & founder of Arkaya Yoga.

Yogacharini Maitreyi comes from South India, where she is well respected and has been immersed in the Yoga life from an early age. She was on the World Yoga council in Europe, has over 100 published articles on Yoga in international publications and has been given awards and recognition both in the Indian and international Yoga communities. When she is in Vancouver, she trains Arkaya teachers & healers and conducts corporate and community classes.

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$230 after January 1st, 2020

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