InterSpiritual Meditation Retreat

Join us this weekend for an interfaith retreat hosted by the InterSpiritual Centre of Vancouver Society, a shared house of worship and a congregational home for a cross-section of religious and spiritual traditions.

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October 7th & 8th (Friday/Saturday session): "InterSpiritual Meditation – Healing from the Inside Out"

Date & Time: Friday, October 7th 7:30pm– 9:30pm and Saturday, October 8th, 9:30am–5:30pm.

Fee: $125 (includes a Workbook-Journal for use during and after the workshop)

This retreat/workshop will engage both newcomers and experienced meditators in the 7-step process of InterSpiritual Meditation (ISM). It will include an opening meditation, presentations by Dr. Edward Bastian, dyad partnering, journaling and Q&A.

Through guided meditations, Ed will model how each person can develop a personal 7-step contemplative process. The experience will be greatly enhanced by reading in advance Ed's book InterSpiritual Meditation.

October 9th (Sunday session): "InterSpiritual Meditation – Mentoring Self and Others through the InterSpiritual Mandala Process."

Date & Time: Sunday, October 9th 9:30am–12:30pm

Fee: $75 (includes a Workbook-Journal for use during and after the workshop)

The InterSpiritual Mandala Process provides an holistic approach for inquiry and insight by harnessing one's own archetypal spiritual learning styles and questions. This introductory workshop is geared for people who wish to mentor themselves and others in the development of a personally meaningful contemplative practice and spiritual path. The experience will be greatly enhanced by reading in advance the book Mandala: Creating an Authentic Spiritual Path, as well as having a working knowledge of ISM.

The Mandala Process is designed to serve persons who are rooted in a tradition as well as those who are spiritually independent, those who draw wisdom from a variety of sources, and those who see themselves as Spiritual But Not Religious (SBNR). This tool also provides chaplains, ministers, spiritual directors, psychologists and health care professionals with a non-sectarian process and resource to help clients find spiritual meaning and develop a contemplative practice that is right for them.

The Sunday workshop will include an opening meditation, an introductory presentation, completing the Spiritual Styles and Questions Profile Tool, modelling (by Ed with a mentee) how to use the profile tool for mentoring self and others, dyad partnering and journaling. Finally, Ed will model how to use this process in a guided 7- step contemplative process.

Weekend Lunch and Refreshments

Healthy snacks and beverages will be provided at each gathering, with attention to vegan and gluten-free options. Please pack a bag lunch on Saturday. (Sorry, we have no access to provisions for cooking).

Follow Up Opportunities

Ed Bastian will make available opportunities for personal mentoring with him. There will also be a follow up online course for those who wish to deepen and expand their knowledge, practice and mentoring skills.

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