Full Moon Gong Bath Celebration

Date: Saturday, May 18th

Time: 3:00pm-5:30pm

Come and celebrate with us this auspicious May full moon.

Full moon have been celebrated for all cultures. Poets, painters, and artists have been inspired by her magnetic power. The power to turn tides, the ability to influence our state of mind and emotions. Moreover, the visionary ability to inspire creativity and oneness with the cosmos.

Reclaiming your authentic self

Moon in Scorpio invites us to delve into our feelings as deep as possible. The desire for a meaningful relationship, healthy exchanges, will be felt more than ever. Superficiality won't be accepted. The shallowness will be questioned and the authenticity will be a must. With the courage of facing the truth, we will be able to tap into our true self and, therefore, live our destiny.

Please register online at Full Moon Celebration (space is limited).

Please bring blanket and yoga mat (or anything that would make you feel comfortable. You will be laying on your back for 62 minutes).

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