Full Moon Celebration Gong Bath

Come and celebrate the August Full Moon. It will be a night of celebration, connection and healing.

Date: Wednesday, August 14th

Time: 6:30pm–9:00pm

Authenticity, Connection & Liberation

""Full Moon in Aquarius, and tempting us to conflict. We could feel a bit more reactive and have to be careful of becoming from a place of ego, or of needing to always be “right”. When we release these qualities, we can find a true sense of personal liberation and come into our authentic self without having to step on the toes of others or attempt to control other people’s opinions or deeds. This is a Full Moon where we have to dare to assert ourselves, without threatening our need for security and peace if we stuff anger down, we may find ourselves very irritable and snappy."


Please register at Full Moon Gong Bath (space is limited)

Investment: $30

Please bring blanket and yoga mat (or anything that would make you feel comfortable)

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