Family Constellation Workshop with Jan Hull

On Sunday, January 24th, Jan Hull will lead us in a full-day Family Constellation Workshop.


Cost: $75.00 (please pay upon arrival with cash or cheque)


Who is Jan Hull?

Jan Full  photoJan Hull is celebrating 11 years of Family Systems facilitation and training – from as far south as Washington and Oregon and locally on Vancouver Island up to the North Coast in Alert Bay and Kingcome Inlet, BC.

Jan Hull began her training in 2003 through the Human Systems Institute of Portland, Oregon (

Prior to that, Jan received certification through the Justice Institute of BC in Conflict Resolution and Mediation.

She currently resides in the Cowichan Valley and, when she’s not facilitating Family Systems Work, she instructs Social Work at Sprott Shaw College in Nanaimo and enjoys foster parenting with her partner.

Jan’s workshops are interactive and structured for actively doing and learning the work – because Systemic Constellation Work meets us where we live, in our bodies and in relationships. This tool cuts to the core where other modalities can fall short.

When practiced in groups, Systemic Constellation Work nourishes our need for connection and community as well.

What is Family Constellation Work?

Family Constellation Work was developed by Bert Hellinger, now well into his 80’s. He grew up as a boy in Germany through the personal and cultural impact of World War ll. With the support of his parents, he fled to Africa as a 19-year-old priest and became a welcomed member of the Zulu people. Here, he learned the intricacies of Zulu family system principles and how to utilise the mystery of systemic knowing fields for insight and healing. After 20 years he made the decision to return to Germany and immerse himself in Eastern Philosophy and Western Psychotherapy. By brilliantly combining his Shamanic and Eastern teachings with Western psychology, he refined the tool of Family Constellation Work grounded in the natural laws of human relationships and their often unrealized effects on the individual.

Family Systems Work has been recognized worldwide for 40 years.
"When someone sets up a constellation with such concentration... It seems safe to me to assume that the representatives’ reactions are giving us information about the actual situation in the family. The representatives seem actually to feel what the people felt. Obviously, that [can't] be verified scientifically, but we could clearly see how the representatives’ reactions led the way toward a good resolution.
"Leslie now has a very different image of her natural parents that she carries with her, as well as her adoptive parents and of herself. Because she now has that new image of them in her heart, she is a changed person.
"And there’s a very strange thing: If she meets any of those people, she will see that her adoptive parent and her natural parents (if she finds them) will be changed as well. It’s a family system, and when we change one part to become more loving, the whole thing changes. Other members of the system are affected."
-Bert Hellinger


"Jan Hull has been an invaluable resource to my knowledge and understanding of the family constellation process – during my training, being able to observe her work, and with her generous supervision. Throughout all aspects of the work, her clarity, warmth, patience, integrity and awareness of the essential came through."

Helga Beer, Yoga Instructor

"It was so freeing, especially for my husband who got some long held beliefs and emotional issues resolved. Not only did he move on with ease, but the long held resentment just miraculously evolved. Jan has such a gentle, respectful manner of working and a very strong grounding in Family Constellation Work."

Virginia Chauvin, Visual Artist

"I would recommend Systemic Constellation Work to anyone who has experienced any type of loss (for which) they have not found a resolution. This would be a most effective tool for those who have gone through the Residential School System which robbed us of so much, and still does through generations of our children. I personally have witnessed many types of healing and find this a most gentle and effective process. In the Spirit of Growth and Unity.

Gloria Nicolson, Dzawada’enuxw Elder

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