Dare to Dream: A World in Flux

A World in Flux (climate change, political, environmental, social & media)

Our world is in a constant state of change, in every aspect of the world. The natural world around us, from the seas to the mountains sculpt and change over the months and years, just as humanity continues to grow and evolve through out-dated concepts, limitations and ideals.

Today is a day to delve into the nature of change, and some of the keystone world phenomena that are making modern history as we speak. Everything from the melting of polar ice caps, to the deforestation of the amazon, to the recent rise in drone technology and the advent of social media are all fair game in a no-holds barred discussion about today's world.

We have invited international activist and youth climate speaker Anajli Appadurai to join us on this evening. Also, Adil Kassam, founder of the global peace group Unify.org will come to join us.

Time: 5:00pm–9:00pm

Cost: $10-$15

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