Communion is way of receiving Divine grace through an ancient and beautiful heritage of coming together in a sacred way. This Easter, you are invited to a universal communion integrating art, science and spirituality to welcome people from all walks of life and systems of belief.

As facilitators, our intention is to create a space that supports each person to connect to their hearts and experience the gift of Presence. Communion is truly very simple – we enter into a field of higher frequency and remove the layers of separation between ourselves, each other and the Divine. When we enter communion, we are able to surrender to the life-force and the innate wisdom that wants to move through us. We also get to support and share with each other in a deep and meaningful way.

Join us in honour of a great Master who came to earth to call towards the light of unconditional love as we listen deeply to our hearts for messages we need to hear individually and collectively.

Time: 1:00pm–5:00pm

Exchange: This communion is offered in the Spirit of The Gift. You offer whatever your heart feels moved to give; we have no expectations other then to share the joy of communion.

Food: Light vegetarian fare will be provided. We encourage people to bring a food offering so that the abundance may be felt on all levels.

About the facilitators

Jenn Field Fletcher

Jenn is a multidisciplinary healer, international teacher and radically intuitive facilitator who has dedicated her life to creating safe, loving spaces and opportunities for people to realize and experience the sacred within, and directly as themselves. She offers one-to-one sessions and group services through her private practice, Divinely Nourished Consulting and Services. She is the co-founder of Halfmoon Haven Beachfront Retreat & Spa, as well as Spirit Of The Goddess Sacred Mystery School.

Baljit Rayat

Co-Founder of Spirit of the Goddess, Baljit is also the founder of Ultimately, Baljit is an architect of the Soul. She assists clients in activating their unique essence fully, to help one align with their soul’s true destiny and live in passion with the divine connection to the Universe. Her mission is to assist others in recovering power, love, truth, gifts and talents, bringing growth, courage, faith and self- empowerment. This true potential is the I AM vibration, and is the essence of Lotus Destiny and Spirit of the Goddess.

Chris Fletcher

Chris' primary passion is working with and supporting families and youth as a skilled counsellor and compassionate facilitator. He offers retreats and support for families though his company, Whole Family Healing. Chris is also the founder of Halfmoon Haven, a Holistic Retreat center on the Sunshine Coast, with his partner Jenn and two teenage sons.

Zamir Dhanji

Zamir is a dharma artist whose name means "One who sings for peace with the song of his heart." A passionate seeker of many mystical traditions, he brings a reverence for the sacred and a gift for weaving dharmic threads through poetry, stories, music and scholarship.

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