11/11 Remembrance and Celebration of Life

Regular BE classes will be cancelled on Tuesday, November 11th in honouring of Remembrance Day. We will be using this opportunity to focus on a celebration of life and invite all members of our community to join us for these special events. Unify, Remember to Breathe and Celebrate Life!  EveryOne is welcome to join this Remembrance Day Celebration of Life and Community.   On November 11 we will UNIFY and honour our lives, and the gratitude we have for it, with 11 minutes of silence from 11am to 11:11am.  We will prepare with a guided meditation from 10:30 to 11am. Following this meditation we will have a Vision Panel (this panel is made of visionaries, Adil Kassam, Maru Aleia and Frank Darier Baziere and Paul Scott, MC Kathie Scott) and a Community Sharing period, open for your insights and questions.  Then we will eat together.  And then we will sing, read poetry, and dance and such!  The meal will be served beginning at approximately 2pm ~ this is a potluck with a foundation of Chana Masala, bread and salad, and the chai tea will flow freely.  Raw desserts will abound.  Bring whatever you can – it will be perfect!  After we share food together, we will have the Living Vision “Shine Your Light” Cabaret – a favorite of many! – this is an open-mike evening with MC Zamir Dhanji.  There will be faces and voices you recognize from local talents and some who have just been inspired to share right then and there!  All are welcome!  More fun than you can imagine! We should finish around 7 or 8pm.  Don’t be alone unless you want to be ~ come and spend this day together! Blessings GALORE! From all Your Friends at the Bridge & Enrich Lives Society  
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