Bowspring Jam – Community Practice

Date: Sunday, November 18th

Time: 10:30am–12:30pm

Community practice by donation.

What is The Bowspring?

A postural template, or a recipe, that can be applied to any activity, from sports to daily chores. A primal, therapeutic, dynamic alignment system. A free, open, posture of readiness and personal power, for success in any endeavor. A graceful, strong way of moving and embodying oneself, with compassion, mindfulness, and accountability. This practice is heart-opening, muscle-building, and soothing for the nervous system. With a focus on working with natural curves in the body, along with the science of fascia and tensegrity, the results are deep physical healing, and bright emotional upliftment.

>>> This month we are launching NEW Community Bow Jams, a time to come together as Bowspringers and practice, support each other in partner work or wall work, and play!

This is not a class, as there will be no teacher present, so it is specifically for people who have studied the method of Bowspring directly. By donation, to support our continued growth of local Bowspring events with guest teachers.
Upcoming Classes (Online & In-Person)