Bowspring Class with Elisha

Date: Friday, November 9th

Time: 7:00pm–8:30pm

What is The Bowspring?

A postural template, or a recipe, that can be applied to any activity, from sports to daily chores. A primal, therapeutic, dynamic alignment system. A free, open, posture of readiness and

personal power, for success in any endeavor. A graceful, strong way of moving and embodying oneself, with compassion, mindfulness, and accountability. This practice is heart-opening, muscle-building, and soothing for the nervous system. With a focus on working with natural curves in the body, along with the science of fascia and tensegrity, the results are deep physical healing, and bright emotional upliftment.

>>> Join us for our monthly pop-up Bowspring class for beginners, Friday November 9th, from 7pm-8:30pm, with the fun, fiery, and amazing expert teacher Elisha Jane from Victoria BC. Prepare to sweat, learn new things, and play. bring your open mind, a towel, and water bottle. Limited spots available. This will sell out!

To Register

Cost:$25 pre-registration.

Contact Mama V at 778-233-5228, or on FB Messenger (Eau-Vive Roulleau), or email

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