BE Kirtan & Satsang: Sacr3d


Join BE and Sacr3d Sunday night as we dance, pray and sing in remembrance that we are creators of reality of which self and other is a reflection. Here we come into Kirtan, ecstatic dance and letting go of the mind to enter the cosmic bliss of unity with the Beloved...

This will be a eve you won't want to miss! The whole Vancouver tribe is coming out!

Date: Sunday, May 21st

Time: Doors at 7:00pm; Kirtan begins at 7:30pm

Get a Taste of Sacr3d's February 28th Kirtan at BE

Sacr3d – Devotional Dance Music

In this time of great change and flux, we come together to DANCE and SING and PRAY our devotion into the world as a community, as a sangha.

This is about coming back to the heartbeat, the Source.

Devotion To Self, Devotion to Other, Devotion To Source

Remembrance of the Divine Creator of reality, of which self and other is a reflection: Here we come into Kirtan, ecstatic dance, and letting go of the mind to enter the cosmic bliss of unity with the Beloved...It is a continual evolution of a gift of our community and tribe sharing the pure medicine that brings us back into connection with source...






Satsang From The Masters



We weave this together into a seamless experience of connection to open, expand, connect and refresh... this is the home we come back to which anchors us in Dharma and Truth...

About Sacr3d

Sacr3d will be coming off the heels of a Hawaiian Tour and full of juicy Aloha Love to share with the tribe. Having just finished producing their upcoming album Vibrations, with Adham Shaikh, Sacr3d will be bringing these elements to you LIVE.

We will have some very special guests helping facilitate this magic... For this devotion experience, the ever evolving lineup is:

Raamayan Ananda, a KirtanWalla of the new generation and the founder of the Sacr3d Band. Sacr3d weaves the ancient future… bridging devotional kirtan and sanskrit mantra’s with modern beats, danceable bass lines and hip hop. Raamayan will also be sharing devotional poetry at the event.

KA LA, a neo soul R&in singer and a devotee with a sweet voice and a deep love who will be the sharing verses of devotion and singing harmonies of Mantras.

Jeff Childz, a renowned bass player and multi-instrumentalist and a driver of impeccability in the music of Sacr3d.

Mira Lutsenko, a Vocal Angel and maestro on the keys and will add the sizzle and Shakti to the Sacr3d Vibration.

Adam Johnson, qho will hold the guitar groove down and set up the electronic dance segment.

Chelsea Amberly and Asha Ley Isaacson, who help Shaktify the space and prepare the altar as well as supporting the closing Shivasana Journey with Crystal Bowl Love and Magic.

The Breath Tribe will be coming to initiate a journey of connecting to the prana...

Other Collaborators may be announced :-)

About the Evening


Doors Open: 6:30pm

Satsang, Breath, Meditation, Kirtan: 7:00pm

Devotional Dance Journey (Kirtronica): 8:00pm

Deepening Connections: 9:15pm

Closing Shivasana: 10:00pm

We will have Chai and some Finger Snacks, Samosas, etc

Suggested Donation is $20-$30 to help cover food and space and contribute to creators, however NOBODY will be turned away for lack of funds. This is not a ticketed event, this is a community event and everyone contributes how they can.

If you want to Volunteer, please send us a message. We need 4–6 helpers for setup and cleanup and beautification of the space! If you have an offering for the evening, please email and we will see if it flows with the evening.

Look forward to being in the BHAVA with all of you!

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