BE Kids Program Open House

KIDS PROGRAM is Evolving at BE

Save the Date: December 19th at 1:00pm

Join us for an Open House invitation for snippets of our NEW Kids Program.

We are developing an hour and a half to two hour program for home-schooled kids and parents incorporating yoga, dance, meditation, creative arts including story telling as well as nutrition. The inspiration is to create a platform for kids to express their true potential, that they gain tools to move through life fearlessly, with joy and innate intelligence that establishes them in the expansive, space of possibility, freedom, creativity, responsibility, wonder, brilliance, and most of all connecting with life as it happens.

We have wonderful teachers supporting this program that will also be the foundation of an after school program we would like to offer in 2015 including learning languages through dance! Cristina Bucci, Patricia Szeto, Joyce Divic, Supriti Bharma and Okokan Dance Company are some of the collaborators in this offering sharing from the heart and experientially, what resonates for them in their lives including indigenous wisdom practices that have inspired their lives.

We would love your feedback. Let us know what you would envision in this program.

Stay tuned for more!


This beautiful picture is Patricia with her kids. From her blog " The best thing is that my family has gotten use to seeing me practice everyday and they have joined me on the mat." (

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