Baul Sahaj: East & West

Lalitha-poster-B&E   Date: June 5th, Sunday   Time: 2:30-4:30pm   Location: 718 East 20th Avenue (Fraser & 20th)   The Western Baul tradition marries modern and ancient wisdom in a path wherein relationship, ruthless self-observation, and basic sanity form a foundation from which we can pursue the yoga of transformation in and through the human body while remaining solidly rooted in ordinary life. Family and spiritual practice go hand in hand, as do humour and broken-heartedness.   Lalitha is a spiritual teacher residing in British Columbia, Canada. She has been a > disciple of Western Baul Master Lee Lozowick for the past 35 years. Lalitha has authored several respected books and has recently contributed an introduction to "The Baul Tradition: Sahaja Vision East & West". Her most > recent book on spiritual practice in the Western Baul tradition is: "Waking to Ordinary Life". And an article on the Baul Tradition from a discourse by enlightened Vedic Master Paramahamsa Nithyananda:
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