Mysore BC Vinyasa Workshop

Date: Saturday, January 13th

Time: 9:00am–Noon

Cost: $35

The term “Vinyasa” has diverse interpretations: from the modern yoga’s “breath & movement synchrony” all the way back to the literal Vedic translation, “to place in a special way.”

In this workshop, the class will explore vinyasa as special movements, co-ordinated with the breath, which link together particular postures in the Primary Series of Ashtanga Yoga.

From jumping backward and forward in Sun Salutations, thru learning to lift up and jump back from seated (and other) positions, to rolling backwards over the head while lying down, we will break down, rebuild and form strategies for tackling these often-confusing and difficult actions.

The workshop will be suitable for all experienced students of breath-based yoga posture practice.

With Geoff Mackenzie

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