Arkaya Community Yoga (ONLINE)

Special Schedule During Temporary Closure

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and government-regulated closures of shared spaces, Arkaya Community Yoga classes will be offered online.

Online Class Days: Saturdays, beginning on March 21st

Online Class Time: 11:00am–1:00pm

Online Class Location: Log-in via Zoom: or Meeting ID: 182-208-462



1) A mindful, gentle and deeply relaxing Tantric Yoga class with classical tools and principles used seamlessly to integrate one's different dimensions of existence.

2) Yogacharini Maitreyi will speak on the deeper tools & principles of Yoga in a short Satsangh (Sat= Truth or highest reality; Sangha = connected gathering).

3) A guided meditation or chanting with Yogacharini Maitreyi, invoking healing, illumination and reconnection to ourselves.

Post the practice, we will connect with each other, share healthy organic snacks and go out for dinner for those interested in joining.

NOTE: CLASSES TAKE PLACE EVERY ALTERNATE FRIDAY at Bridge & Enrich from Jan. 24 through Apr. 17th, 2020


YOGACHARINI MAITREYI is originally from South India and is well respected internationally for her Yogic wisdom. She is a Practical Mystic and International speaker who has presented in over 20 conferences worldwide, been teaching internationally for over 20 years, and has trained over 50 corporations in self and stress management and enlightened leadership.

When she is in Vancouver, she trains teachers & healers and conducts corporate and community classes.



Arkaya is a heart-centred community of teachers, students and practitioners of Classical Indian Yoga & Traditional Tantra. Our goal is to bring more holistic wellbeing, community connection and inspired living to the world.

Arkaya Yoga has been systematized by Yogacharini Maitreyi. It is mindful, heart-centred and integrative, invoking the spirit of self awareness. You could say that Arkaya offers the full-spectrum of yoga. Rather than just focusing on the physical aspects of the practice, it works to align the body, emotions and the mind with the universal.

The practice is beneficial for beginners as well as advanced practitioners as it is gentle yet deeply transformative.



These classes will also include a short info session on the following:

1) Arkaya Healing Teacher Training in Vancouver 2020


CLASS INVESTMENT: Sliding scale of $15 - 25.

Contributions accepted through cash or e-transfer to

Volunteer options are also available.

No one will be turned away due to lack of funds.

Part of funds raised will go to support the Children of Arkaya Foundation in India.






When Regular Schedule Resumes at BE

Days: Alternating Fridays, beginning Friday, January 24th

Time: 3:00pm to 5:00pm

~With Yogacharini Maitreyi~

Experience AUTHENTIC INDIAN YOGA as well as traditional Tantra starting with gentle awareness of body, emotions and mind and reconnecting to all dimensions of yourself.

Arkaya means "light, healing & inspiration" and is devoted to awakening the spirit of self awareness.



Video of the children of the Arkaya Foundation:

Banyen Books & Sound: In Conversation Interview with Yogacharini Maitreyi on The Essence of Yoga:

Article in Sri Lanka about Yogacharini Maitreyi and the Foundation.

Upcoming Classes (Online & In-Person)