André Martin Offers One-On-One Life Coaching

To follow up his Sunday Speaker workshop, here on November 23rd, André Martin will be offering private counselling sessions in the Bridge & Enrich office.

A sign-up sheet will be provided at the November 23rd, event (please see André Martin's Inspirational Storytelling and Life Coaching event page for more information). You can also email André at to set up an appointment.

What a Meeting With André Can Offer You

“My spiritual journey is likely ecumenical. In other words, I embrace all the esoteric tendencies of the Abrahamic religions, animists and others. I assemble rites and rituals of the world to meet the problems of the people everywhere. The God of the universe has no religion or, if he has a religion, it is that of each; because every being is a God.”

André Martin has an open heart and uses the gift of his own life experience to help you find balance in your inner and outer space. Through discussion and counselling, André helps you to reveal your own self and grow into your purpose and existence. He is a spiritual healer who works actively with the church as a counsellor. Through his skills in spiritual healing and using the different rituals has learned through his life spent travelling in various cultures, he has helped several people with leukemia and cancer to find recovery.

“Power is the ability to change things. You must see change as an opportunity. We must act.”

André has received intense training in strategy, entrepreneurship, management and organisation and hopes to help bring these traditional business practices to everyday life. He has accumulated decades of experience by working in Non-Profit Organisations, international business, teaching and personal life coaching. Using a responsible, methodical and consensual approach, Andre has developed outstanding communication and interpersonal skills; skills which he hopes to pass on to you.

André Martin Ntolla believes in the power of balance: Inner and outer spaces have to be aligned in order to find peace and growth in our journey.

Who is André?

André was born to a large, happy family in the Sanaga area of Cameroon in Central Africa. With six older siblings, André was surrounded by inspiring and “brilliant elders” who gave him the self-confidence that allowed him to take decisive decisions from the age of four. This confidence in his own problem-solving led André to work in different communities around Africa to develop stronger social systems.

Eventually, André left Africa to attend school in Paris, where he rejoined some of his elder siblings and became responsible for helping the younger ones achieve higher education as well. Since that time, bringing many of his family members to Canada has been a major responsibility for André; at the same time he was taking his own training and raising a young family himself.

Despite these enormous weights on his shoulders, he never cracked under the pressure. This is what he wants to share you with others: See every challenge not as an obstacle but as an opportunity for expansion. Now living in Montreal as a married father of three boys, he also pursues his passion for cooking, plays the saxophone, hosts a gospel choir and enjoys cycling and walking for exercise.

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