Beginner Bowspring Movement Medicine

Sunday, February 9th: 7:00pm–8:30pm


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~Hosted by Mama V (Eau-Vive)~

Movement Medicine for Radiant Health, Confidence and Freedom

What is the Bowspring?

It’s a revolutionary postural template for optimal health.

The Bowspring is primal movement medicine, offering effective healing and empowerment for those who practice.

It’s a curvy, dynamic, and open posture.

The Bowspring aligns the body in a position of readiness. It supports us to move with lightness and fluid power like a graceful animal.

It is a natural curvy shape of the body that puts a spring in your step, and uplifts your mood. With this dynamically balanced posture, the breath can move freely without inhibition bringing a new level of vitality and energetic freedom.

This practice provides tremendous health benefits for body, mind, and heart:

~ Springy lightness and fluidity in any movement

~ Healing from pain, both physical and emotional

~ More muscle definition and even tone throughout entire body

~ Authentic confidence

~ Enhanced beauty and balanced proportion of any body

~ Increased self-awareness of psycho-emotional patterning within our default posture.

~ Elevated skill and grace

The Bowspring is a postural template that can be applied universally to any yoga pose, athletic movement or any activity for optimal performance.

This alignment is accessible for people of all ages worldwide. This powerful postural template converts the most common daily positions of sitting and standing from heavy, static poses into light, dynamic positions full of the spring and fluidity of life.


This event is held on the traditional, unceded, occupied territories of the Musqueam, Squamish, and Tseil-Watuth Peoples.

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